001.jpg A visit to this historical Andalucían town is a journey almost 5,000 years back in time. 002.jpg A town of 50,000 Antequera is full of amenities, a hospital, golf course, commercial centre and more Churches per capita then anywhere else in Spain! 03.jpg Antequera at night looking on to the Peña de los Enamorados or Lover’s Rock, see the Village Guide for Antequera for more interesting information 04.jpg The Puerta de Estepa or gateway to Estepa 05.jpg The spectacular castle in Antequera with the Peña de los Enamorados in the background 06.jpg The world class Antequera Golf course with spectacular scenery from all points. See the Golf Guide for more information, photos and contact details 07.jpg In summer the fields around Antequera turn brilliant yellow with sunflowers 08.jpg There are many inland lakes around Antequera, pictured is the 36 km long Lake Iznajar 09.jpg Located a short distance from Antequera the world famous Languna de Feunte de Piedra or Pink Flamingo Lake has one of the largest flocks of pink flamingos in Europe, see the Village Guide for more interesting information 10.jpg The terrain in the area is perfect for horse back riding and with all the magnificent scenery around it’s a great day out 11.jpg Each and every town and village in the area has at least one annual fair (feria) and some have one in Spring and another in Summer! 12.jpg Sevilla is 1.5 hours from Antequera, Plaza de España shown 13.jpg El Chorro Lake near Antequera and the world famous rock climbing area including ‘El Caminito de Rey’ 14.jpg Only an hour from Antequera is the world class ski resort of Sierra Nevada, Granada 15.jpg Can you imagine brilliant Bougainvillea all year round? 16.jpg The Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque/Cathedral) only an hour from Antequera in Córdoba 17.jpg Who’s up for a Tapas night out? 18.jpg Some of the freshest and most delicious seafood is caught just off the coast of Málaga, which is only 45 km’s from Antequera! 19.jpg Located about 2.5 hours from Antequera is the Doñana National Park which is home to the Iberian Lynx and an enormous variety of bird species, see more information about the park in Area Info 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg The Sierra Nevada ski resort in Granada, elevation 3,478m (11,411 ft) caters to all levels of skier from near flat runs for the beginner to black diamond and off-piste runs for the more advanced. Well above the tree line the mountain is very safe and unlike some other European resorts it offers excellent value! 23.jpg Don’t be surprised if you have to stop your car in the middle of a village to let the local goat herd go by! Welcome to the real Spain! 24.jpg During the fairs and other celebrations throughout the year everybody is on horseback! 25.jpg All throughout the Antequera area and towards Sevilla hawks, falcons, eagles and other birds of prey can be seen flying overhead, a truly amazing site! 26.jpg Don’t forget the Sangria! 27.jpg Or the huge selection of incredible Spanish wines! 28.jpg With over 300 days of brilliant sunshine and more than 3,000 daylight hours per year inland Spain offers everything you could possibly want! 29.jpg Some of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see are right here in the heart of Andalucía. Come to Antequera and discover them for yourself!

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